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Kherson Educational-Scientific Institute of Admiral Makarov
National University of Shipbuilding 

 was established in 1967.

 The University is a higher education institution of the 4th level of accreditation

Degrees conferred: Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and Post-Graduate courses

License АЕ № 527861  of 06.01.2015  Certificate РД-IV № 152298
Address: 44 Ushakov av., Kherson, 73003, Ukraine Telephone/fax: (0552) 263118, 263009
e-mail: kbnuos@nuos.edu.ua

The Kherson Branch of the Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Institute was established in 1967 by Order № 200/437of the Minister of Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR and the Minister of Higher and Secondary Education of the USSR. 

In 1994 the University acquired the status of a Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University and a branch was established as the Kherson Branch of the Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University. In 2004 the University was given the status of the National University of Shipbuilding. The University is  accredited at the fourth level and has full autonomy (Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Order № 77 of 29.03.1995). 
According to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 10.12.1998 № 1947 the University was named after Admiral Makarov. An edict of the President of Ukraine dated 25.03.2004 №366/2004 bestowed on it the status of "National" and the University was renamed the National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov. 
The Kherson Branch ("KB") is a subdivision of the National University of Shipbuilding, which trains students for Bachelor and Specialist degrees. It has a full-time and a part-time department, and carries out scientific research and conducts cultural and educational activities.  More than five thousand engineers (shipbuilders, machine builders, programmers and welding specialists) as well as economists have completed their courses here.
The Head of the Branch is the Director, who is appointed by the Rector’s order in consultation with a decision of the General Meeting. Professor, Doctor of  Economics Lomonosov A.V. has been the Director of the Branch since 1987.
KB was originally established as an evening (part-time) department of the higher education institution of shipbuilding but in 1988 it opened its day (full-time) department. For the first two years students had studied in Kherson and then completed their course of study in Mykolaiv.  In 1996 it was decided that students could remain in Kherson until graduation.  

Ships are built with the participation of graduates in Kherson’s shipyards



 Video about prominent Kherson Shipyards KB cooperates with

Kherson Shipyards


Kherson State Plant "Pallada"